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Search your dream home

Get active in property community, get involved

With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly search for your desired property for sale or rent, save searches for future updates, and create a shortlist of your favourite properties. Plus, you can easily request viewings for your top picks through the app.

RealEstate Talk also makes it easy to manage all your viewings, offers, and chat messages in one place.

Don’t waste any more time scrolling through countless listings online. Download RealEstate Talk today and find your perfect home in no time!

Save your searches!

Get notified when new property listed in your area

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through property listings, only to find that none of them match your criteria? Well, there’s a solution! By saving your searches, you can receive automatic notifications every time a new property is added that meets your specific needs. No more wasting time sifting through irrelevant listings. Save your searches today and let the perfect property come to you!

Save your property searches
Get the help from property community

Get Help from Community

Connect with fellow property enthusiasts and find your dream!

Rest assured that you are not on your own, as the entire community is standing by your side and supporting you. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance by creating a post and requesting help, just like any other social media platform. The dynamic property community and service providers are eager to lend a hand and promptly address your concerns.

Be organised

Manage your Viewings and Offers

Organizing your property viewings & offers has never been easier! Search property for sale or rent, request a viewing or make an offer via our app. Whether you’re at work or in a meeting, with just a few clicks, you can effortlessly accept, reject or suggest an alternative viewing time. Take advantage of this great tool to efficiently manage your property viewings amidst your busy schedule.

Manage your property listing
Stay connected with buyers

Stay connected

Never miss a message, viewing or comments

With our innovative social media app, you’ll receive instant notifications and email when someone likes, comments, shares your posts or your viewing requested is accepted. You can immediately engage with others, whether you’re at home, work, or on the train. Experience a revolutionary way to search your dream property for sale or rent.

Search property service provider

Build your team and make your property ready to list!

RealEstate Talk goes beyond just connecting property owners with potential buyers or tenants. From mortgage advisors and solicitors to surveyors, builders, electricians, movers & packers, and more, RealEstate Talk makes it easy to find and connect with top property professionals in your area.

Being pro-active can be key to a successful property search for sale or rental, and RealEstate Talk provides the tools you need to make it happen.

Search property service provider
Contact property community

Keep in touch with property community

You have the full support of the entire community, never feel alone.

Join the property community and get all your property-related questions answered! Whether you’re searching for a property, need help with a mortgage or navigating your tenancy, this network has you covered. It’s completely free to create posts and engage in discussions, just like your favorite social media platforms. With a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips, there’s no better place to connect with like-minded individuals and achieve your property goals!

Get Support

We’re here for you, with friendly support throughout your property journey.

You can count on our friendly support to be there for you at every stage of your property journey, guiding and assisting you whenever you need us. You can raise a support ticket from the app. You can chat with our support team using in-built messaging system.

Support property community

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