Check how much you can save in estate agent fees by using RealEstate Talk app

We understand that property prices and estate agent’s fees will differ from area to area. Use this simple calculator below as a guide to estimate how much you can save if you use RealEstate Talk app.

Do you know typically estate agent’s fees constitute around 52% of the total cost of selling. Learn more on total cost of selling here.

Calculate your Savings

What is the price of the property you are selling?


£ 100,000

£ 3,000,000

Estate Agent commission % for Sale in your area

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1 %

3 %

Commission you pay


Less: RealEstate Talk AD fees for 60 days


Net Saving for you £

Imagine what can you do with this spare cash? Buy a new car or renovate your new home or spend a lavish holiday in Caribbean?