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House sold prices information is FREE. So why not use this to find out online valuation of your property yourself. This will help you to answer “How much my house is worth”

house sold prices

Many people think that they need an estate agency to value a property, – you don’t, you can easily do it yourself and we’ll tell you how.

For your convenience, we have a dedicated this page to help you to find out the value of your property – and get to grips with how much your house is worth using HM Land Registry data.

Using the HM Land Registry


Created in 1862, the HM Land Registry is a non-ministerial government department and has open data for anyone to access.  It contains more than 25 million titles, which equates to more than 87% of the landmass of England and Wales.  This data is completely FREE to use, by anyone.  Click here to find out more information about using the HM Land Registry and view sold house price information in your area to help you to determine the value of your own property.

It’s easy to value your property without an Estate Agent!

Believe it or not – it’s easy to approximate the valuation of a property by understanding the historical price-paid data and the asking prices of similar properties already on the market.  Of course, every property is unique in terms of its internal, external, and structural condition but the data gives you an indicative valuation.  For property sellers, you can use this information to value your own home and for property buyers, you can find out when a particular property was last sold and at what price.

Find out house sold prices in your area

To make it even easier, we’ve got our very own search tool below that will help you understand the house sold prices in your area.  Don’t forget, we’ve also got a superb online calculator that details what you could save by using RealEstateTalk.

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