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What is RealEstateTalk

In this video you will get a high level overview of the mobile app RealEstateTalk and understand why you should use it.

Property Service providers, bring your services in front of active property buyers or sellers

Solicitors, Mortgae advisors, surveyors, builders, architects or any other property related service provider – watch this video learn how to generate pre-active leads for your business.


Quick Facts

Discover an unparalleled opportunity in the vibrant London real estate market. As of the latest data, the average number of properties for sale in London market stands at around 15,000, offering a diverse range of choices to prospective buyers. The property prices in London continue to reflect the city’s cosmopolitan allure, with median prices hovering around £600,000. Prime areas such as Kensington, Chelsea, and Mayfair remain among the best-selling locations, boasting luxurious amenities and exceptional connectivity. On the flip side, while more affordable options can be found in areas like East Ham and Dagenham, they tend to move slower due to a combination of factors. Whether seeking the height of luxury or a smart investment, London’s property market promises an array of opportunities for every discerning buyer.