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Dominate Your Market: Reach More Clients with Next-Gen Social Media

Looking for a powerful way to promote your property services? Our new social media platform is tailored exclusively to the property industry, providing a specialized audience for your business. With advanced targeting options, you can easily reach potential clients and grow your brand. Join us now and take advantage of this cutting-edge marketing opportunity!

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Chat with prospects who clicked on your Advertisement

With our innovative service, you can easily reach potential clients who are interested in your services. Engage in direct chatting without exchanging phone numbers and build valuable relationships with your target audience. Stay ahead of your competitors by joining us now and increasing your conversions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to new heights!

Chat with prospect buyers
Generate new leads

Effective Conversion of Advert Leads

Chat with your leads and convert them into customers

Property service providers can now leverage a new social media platform that features an innovative chat-based advertising solution. Respond instantly to interested individuals via the platform’s in-built chat system, allowing for increased engagement and personalized communication. This efficient approach simplifies converting leads into customers, making the process easier and more effective.

Stay connected

Never miss a Message, Likes or Comments

With our innovative social media app, you’ll receive instant notifications and email when someone likes, comments, shares, your advertisement. You can immediately engage with these prospects, whether you’re at home, work, or on the train. Experience a revolutionary way to generate leads for your property services, try it out now!

Stay connected with service providers
Get help from community

Get Help from Community

You have the full support of the entire community, never feel alone.

Rest assured that you are not on your own, as the entire community is standing by your side and supporting you. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance by creating a post and requesting help, just like any other social media platform. The dynamic property community and service providers are eager to lend a hand and promptly address your concerns.

Get Support

We’re here for you, with friendly support throughout your property journey.

You can count on our friendly support to be there for you at every stage of your property journey, guiding and assisting you whenever you need us. You can raise a support ticket from the app. You can chat with our support team using in-built messaging system.

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